My Story

For over 10 years since high school, I have read every fitness book, Muscle & Fitness magazine, adopted instructions from pro and ex-bodybuilders, took courses from fitness coaches, everything and anything that I could find on building muscle mass— I attempted.

However, the fact was that regardless of how many hours I spent at the gym, or strict diet followed, I still couldn’t build muscle and/or burn excess fat. My body did not change whatsoever!

After years of ice skating uphill, at one point I grew so unhappy, depressed and hopeless with my body that I wanted to give up all together. Until I made the decision to take a different route, an unknown route that would separate me from the rest.

To make a long story short, I began to do some serious research. RE-search is just as it sounds, it means searching again. None of the information in this program I came up with on my own.

I chose not to look into the traditional fitness routines, but instead researched the mechanics of the human body. In other words, the internal functions of how the human body works. After trying everything the bodybuilding and fitness community had to offer, cold turkey I decided to end this pointless cycle all together.

For months I collected whatever information was available, and tested everything on myself— which led to zero. And after months and months of serious dedication, trial and error, testing everything on myself… I put together two programs.

1) How to burn body fat completely and maintain a slim physique permanently

2) How to build more muscle than ever before and maintain muscle mass permanently

3) Intestinal Cleanse and Reconstruction: The Most Powerful Internal Detoxification Program

4) How to Build a Monstrous Physique: For the Extreme Hardcore Bodybuilder

In a few short weeks of applying these principles, my belly shrunk from a pant size 36 to a 34. My chest, shoulders, back, legs and arms increased in circumference by two fold. And in another week, my pant size shrunk even more, and muscle mass increased even further… and within 10 weeks, people mistook me for a professional athlete.

I have attained my goal physique, and shared this program with my gym peers, and colleagues whom have accomplished extraordinary results.

But how...