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What is Losing Weight or Weight Loss?

Losing weight is a process in which a person goes through to shed the undesired excessive body fat.

How is excessive body fat lost?

Losing weight is a straightforward process... if you know how to.

Traditional weight loss programs teach:

  • ✓Avoid carbs after 6 pm.

  • ✓Eat small meals frequently.

  • ✓Jog for hours each day.

  • ✓Consume large portions of protein.

  • ✓Avoid carbs altogether, etc, etc, etc.

I have attempted over and over and over again every kind weight loss diet, training program, or regime available for years. Believe it or not, none of the above methods actually addresses what is causing excess body fat to accumulate in the first place.

Here is an email I got from one of the members:

When I first started the program in May of 2016 I felt pretty overweight but after following this program for about four months I have lost over 30 pounds (and those pesky pounds around the lower abs).  I have leaned out to the point of seeing four of my abs, while only doing ab exercises about once a week!

Even I was surprised by how effective this program really is. This reader could have attained far better results faster, if he had exercised regularly instead doing sit ups once a week. Either way, he managed to lose over 30 pounds!

What causes body fat?

If you are ever going to get rid of your body fat once and for all, you have to first have a complete understanding of what is causing body fat to accumulate in the first place.

Believe it or not, the reason you, and most everyone else on this planet who is overweight is because they do not know what is causing them to become fat to begin with.

Statistics from the past 50 years:

Over the past 50 years, the number of obese and overweight people in the USA and around the world has more than doubled. Worst of all, childhood and adolescent obesity has tripled in the past 3 decades.

If you are ever going to lose weight, you must first have an accurate definition of the word overweight.

Overweight: Having excessive body fat for your height and body frame.

Excess body fat is measured by BMI.

For adult men and women, BMI measurements of…

18.5 – 24.9 = healthy

25 – 29.9 = overweight

30+ = obese

Statistics from the USA:

Healthy Weight52%52%41%29%
Extremely Obese1%1%3%5%

Why are people gaining excess body fat as time passes by?

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, muscular and immune diseases were almost non-existent 100 years ago.

All the above, including obesity, have strong dietary connections.

The principles in this program outline a dietary plan that may be completely different than what you are used to.

However, the dietary approach will keep your system clean and free of waste,

and significantly decrease your chances of suffering from the above conditions.

Disadvantages of being overweight:

  • ✓Breathing becomes difficult.

  • ✓Walking is an effort.

  • ✓Risk of heart disease.

  • ✓Risk of high blood pressure.

  • ✓Risk of suffering strokes.

  • ✓Common early death.

  • ✓Mood swings and depression.

  • ✓Low self-esteem issues.

  • ✓Missing out on social gatherings and meeting friends.

  • ✓Risk of diabetes.

  • ✓Clothing does not fit.

  • ✓Un-attractive to opposite gender.

  • ✓Double chin and sagging skin.

  • ✓Osteoarthritis: Destroys the joints and knees.

  • ✓Bad body odor.

  • ✓Mood swings and depression.

Benefits of a slim physique:

  • ✓Improves IQ.

  • ✓Improves your mood.

  • ✓Improves outward appearance.

  • ✓Improves internal feelings and emotions.

  • ✓Improves sex drive.

  • ✓Improves circulatory system.

  • ✓Breathing is easy.

  • ✓Walking and exercise is effortless.

  • ✓Heart disease is not as common.

  • ✓Early death is not as common.

  • ✓Less likely to suffer from depression.

  • ✓Diabetes in slim individuals is almost unheard of.

  • ✓Clothing fits and easy to find clothes.

  • ✓More attractive to the opposite gender.

  • ✓Feel more confident in social gatherings.

  • ✓Bad body odor is less common.

  • ✓And more importantly, the quality of life improves.

  • ✓And the list goes on and on…

The Bottom Line...

It doesn't matter what diet, or exercise routine you may have attempted, or how many times you have failed to lose weight in the past...

know that everything in this world has a cause.

Body fat, disease, and unhealthy physique... everything has a cause.

If you understand what has caused, and is causing you to become fat in the first place,

you will be able to keep the fat off, and maintain the physique of your choice... long-term.

However, be warned…

This program may not be complex, and completely different than what you may be used to, and requires A LOT of work on your part.

Dietary changes, exercise (not running or jogging), and NATURAL supplements are absolutely necessary.

After the 8 – 10 weeks it takes to complete the program, you will have achieved the body of your dreams. At the very least you will have made a colossal leap towards achieving your desired physique.

If you do not experience change after the 10-week program, there is a 100% money back guarantee!

Included in this program

Bonus #1: complete gym workout routine that will burn all excess body fat completely.
Bonus #2: best home workout and updates from Nekoterran.

Required to successfully complete the program: 

  • 1. This program is not a quick fix. It requires 8 – 10 weeks of dedication and a lot of work on your part.

  • 2. Spend $150 - $200 on natural supplements

  • 3. Own a gym membership

  • 4. Lift weights

  • 5. Do body weight exercises at home

  • 6. Make dietary changes

  • 7. Dedicate yourself for 8 -10 weeks to the program (however, you will experience results sooner)

  • 8. Approach the program with an open mind, and be open to new methods, and new ideas

  • 9. Try a new/different approach to weight loss

  • 10. Enjoy a slim physique permanently

NOTE:  Only choose the bodybuilding program or the weight loss program.

Do not choose both.

This program builds muscle mass and burns body fat at the same time.

And of course, this program delivers long-lasting results!

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