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A deep internal detoxification is absolutely necessary, regardless if you're a bodybuilder, looking to lose weight or if you're an average Joe who eats burgers and French fries 5 times a week.

In ancient Egypt thousands of years ago, the local doctors stated, “All illnesses begin in the gut.” The ancient Egyptians were an advanced civilization, and they were absolutely correct. This is truer today than it was thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt.

Upon autopsies, the evidence is obvious: a child’s bowels (small and large intestines) looks nothing like an adult’s. Diseased and toxin-packed colons make up more than 2 million+ doctor visits and emergencies every year.

The bowels can be compared to a sewage system. Once the food has been chewed and digested, the old waste must quickly expel from the body for a new digestive cycle to begin.

For a Fact: If you don’t have a bowel movement first thing in the morning, and after every significant meal, you are chronically constipated and your internal organs are being damaged and polluted…period!

If you ever feel constipation, bloated, have excess gas, or feel regular stomach pains and cramps, these are all obvious signs of needing a deep internal detoxification.

And of course, if you are into bodybuilding or weight loss, an internal detoxification is even more needed.

The Intestinal Cleanse and Regeneration program will completely cleanse and regenerate your bowels in only several days. However, what foods to avoid, how to improve digestion and keep the bowels moving fast are covered in:


The bodybuilding and weight loss programs are designed to work in conjunction with the deep internal cleansing programs.

NOTE: Only choose the bodybuilding program or weight loss program.

Do not choose both.

Losing weight, staying lean and building muscle mass will become a more pleasurable process, and you will obtain greater results.

If you do not experience change after the completion of the cleanse, you will receive 100% of your money back, guaranteed!

Included in this program:

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This program is not a quick fix; it requires a few weeks of dedication and a lot of work on your part.

Required to successfully complete the program:

  • ✓Spend $150+ on natural herbs

  • ✓Make dietary changes

  • ✓Dedicate yourself for a few to the program (depending on your condition)

  • ✓Approach the program with an open mind and be open to new methods, and new ideas

  • ✓Enjoy optimal health

If you agreed to all the points above, prepare for a permanent change

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