Only for the most extreme bodybuilders…


If you are super serious about building muscle mass, this is the program for you.

The How to Build a Monstrous Physique program is the last piece of the trio.

First, you must master the How to Build More Muscle program,

and in conjunction, complete the Deep Intestinal Detoxification program.

In all honesty, the internal detoxification program is the most important part of all 4 programs. A deep internal detoxification is not only crucial for bodybuilding and weight loss, but for overall health. The internal organs have to be clean and strong before the external muscles can work effectively.

The How to Build a Monstrous Physique program is not a separate program; it is an addition to the building muscle mass program. The How to Build More Muscle program is the trunk of the tree, and the How to Build a Monstrous Physique program is the branch… an extremely powerful branch.

However, a tree’s branch cannot hold up on its own without the support of the trunk.

If you choose to follow through with the guidelines in these pages, after the completion of the 3 programs, your health, fitness, body and muscular physique will be untouchable.

If you do not experience change after the completion of the monstrous program, you will receive 100% of your money back, guaranteed!

Included in this program:

Bonus: Monstrous Physique Workout Program.

This program is not a quick fix; it requires 8 - 10 weeks of dedication and a lot of work on your part.

Required for the completion of this program:

  • ✓Spend $150 on natural supplements

  • ✓Make dietary changes

  • ✓Dedicate yourself for 10 - 12 weeks to the program

  • ✓Approach the program with an open mind and be open to new methods and new ideas

  • ✓Enjoy a super muscular physique

If you agreed to all the points above, prepare for a permanent change

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