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 star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 Now I'm pissed about wasting time and $$$

I accidentally found this book ... Thank God!

I have been body building for years and tried every supplement, every kind of protein, and every variation of workout schedules. This book gets rid of the BS clutter the "Health" industry is selling and puts you on the path to success. It does seem to be overly simple, but it works ... it works fast! The investment is minimal compared to the crap I bought before. Within three weeks I clearly saw more size and definition. No more pre-workout drinks, no more post-workout drinks, no bloating with whey protein drinks. I can workout hard and only feel the pump, not the painful recovery.


 star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 Achievable, Sustainable Weight Loss for Real People!

Finally a weight-loss book which provides a workable 8-week plan to achieve the lean muscular body you always wanted but thought was impossible and then maintain it without devoting yourself to a lifetime of mindless cardio and aerobic exercise or turning yourself into a gym rat. Like the author I've personally tried just about every diet and exercise program over the last 30 years with varying degrees of success, but none of them was truly sustainable -- this book explains why they fail over the long haul. The author prescribes a 6-day a week series of gym-based toning workouts for use during the 8-week program which you will want to commit to in order to achieve your best results. I wish the author had provided a gym-free alternative based solely on body-weight exercises for those who may not have access to a gym, but there is no reason why once couldn't apply the common-sense nutritional principles from this book with a comprehensive body-weight workout from another source to achieve the same results.  

 star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 Eye opening...

I did not expect to read some of the information contained in this book. I will admit it does go against pretty much everything I had learned about bodybuilding so far and this is exactly why I loved it. The author does a great job at opening your perspective on topics like proteins, acidity, supplements and digestion. I will definitely be trying out some of his methods and see for myself how effective they are.

 star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 I have read countless books on the subject and I am already in pretty decent shape

I have been lifting for years. I have read countless books on the subject and I am already in pretty decent shape. Nekoterran brings a no BS and honest approach to it. I love the part about reading this book twice. He isn't selling snake potion and his approach makes sense. It is clear he is knowledgeable on the subject. A little science brought to the table in what really is a huge science project, bodybuilding, is refreshing. I have noticed many mistakes I have been making and I am looking forward to a couple tweaks in my diet and workout routine to really get the results I am looking for. In the end i recommend this book. And on the plus side it is a shorter read compared to some of the competition The problem with most of these books is I feel like I should be getting tested at the end. You don't need to know every part of how a clock works to read the time. He teaches you bit of both but you will definitely know how to tell time by the end of the book.

star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 9/10

With all the information on the Internet about health & fitness and in particular bodybuilding, it’s hard to figure out what’s right or wrong, what works, what doesn’t. You can forget about a lot of that crap after the reading this book! The author has put together all the information you need to build a solid physique with a no nonsense approach. If you looking to make some serious gains in your bodybuilding journey than I highly recommend this book.

star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 This book is a great work by the author

This book is great work by author and I really appreciate. This book helps intestinal cleanse and reconstruction your body. This books tells us that there are hundreds of internal cleansing programs available. Most programs can take up to months to complete, and even then mucoid plaque, parasites, fungal overgrowth will only be marginally cleaned out. In this program you will learn how to clean out all of the mucoid plaque in a matter of days. this book is a step by step guide that helps to cleanse the small and large intestines, and reconstruct the intestinal delicate wall lining. Must read this book.

star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 Fascinating and fun to read

This book shares it all. Fascinating and fun to read! Weight loss can be a tricky thing for many people and I am among those people. So I decided to read this book and I didn't expect to find so many useful information. I enjoyed that this book gave me so much insight into weight loss that I couldn't have thought of on my own. There are a lot on the list which actually make sense if followed accordingly and aid in weight loss. The book is light to read though its short the information are very vital for someone who is losing weight. You rarely find a book that talks about weight loss motivation and this one is the best!

star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256  A different take on trimming the fat

I found the concepts in this book interesting. It flies in the face of conventional wisdom and possibly anything that might have been read or used currently. Although there are some things in this book that I just don't agree with, I think that if you want to lose fat then following what is laid out in the pages will work. One of the things that I question is the high use of supplements. I didn't take the time to add up the cost of all of the recommended supplements but imagine it adds up quickly. I think there will be many that will not agree with what the author recommends and for that reason alone I would suggest reading it. Just keep an open mind.

 star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 I am glad that I bought this book. It helped me to lose some weight while not starving myself and the diet is sustainable.

I normally hate weight loss books, a lot of them aren’t realistic and need you to starve yourself. While understand that in order to lose weight means more calories out than calories in, starving yourself isn’t something I am willing to do in order to lose weight… So I bought this book in the hope that it could help me to really realize my weight loss goals. And to be honest, I am glad that I bought this book. It helped me to lose some weight while not starving myself and the diet is sustainable.

star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 Very effective

It was my target to lose weight in any way and lead a healthy lifestyle. Actually I was hesitant at first because I knew very little about losing weight. But this book made it really easy for me to understand. This book focuses on restoring the body to its natural default state cutting carbs, high ratio of fats and proteins. You will know exactly what causes excess body fat accumulation, and how to burn it off completely by this powerful book. After reading this book you will know about how you should eat or not. This complete weight loss plan is really very effective.

star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 The worst part of all this is the maintaining part

I've been trying to lose some weight for a quite sometime now. I noticed that there are small improvements, however, as a person I want to see a result which I can be proud of. The worst part of all this is the maintaining part. We all know that it is really difficult to maintain our weight. I just got this book from my sister who also happened to be a gym instructor. This book explores the needs of an individual like me who wants to have a permanently maintain a slim physique body. Informative in his own way and the way the author explain everything is really encouraging. 

 star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 Getting Fit

How to burn body fat and maintain a healthy physique is something that many people what to achieve. This book has some practical advice and suggestions that can be applied to potentially help you achieve and even maintain a great physique. The author discusses weight loss vs bodybuilding, sugar burning state vs fat burning state, why excess body fat accumulates in the body and four steps to help burn body fat. Furthermore, I liked how the author offered a bonus workout routine as well as additional advice. If getting fit or in great shape is something that you are looking for this could be a helpful book for you.

star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 This was fantastic guide book

I was looking for a book from which I can get help and guide for weight loss and looks more attractive like model. Then I found this book on Amazon and this book was really resolved my issue. There are given different tips that really worked to loss my weight. This was fantastic guide book. In this book there are given different tips and guide with complete and easy lanugage which are very easy to understand and follow.

star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 Everyone wants to be fit! 

Everyone wants to be fit! This is the new thing now, they want to be someone who can show off their sexy body but to some people they only want to be fit and healthy. I like how this book presented “how to get a slim physique” goal – study – application. But I disagree with what Neko Terran on this book about having incomplete or incorrect information because the top two most searched topic in the world is about losing weight. For me, it is not about it, it is about the innovation of people when it comes to losing weight or burning fats. Every year there are new methods on how people can lose weight easily. Not all methods are applicable to every person in this world. That’s why there are a lot of articles or books being published on how to loose weight, because it really depends on the people. This program might be effective to these people but to some, it is not maybe because of their lifestyle. Just like what Neko did on this book, it is a sample of innovation when it comes to losing weight and burning fats. If you’re curios with what innovation Neko Terran did, you should buy this book!

star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256star_gold_256 Good guide on loosing weight...

As I like healthy eating and living, I never seem to get rid of few extra pounds left. They are so stuborn and won't give up easily. The author researched the ways to build muscle and get rid of the extra weight. Instead of digging into bodybuilding routines, more attention was paid to the way human body functions. After applying own techniques, the appearance changed so much that people were asking if he was professional athlete.
The book describes what to eat, which supplements to take, how to fire up digestion, and how to transplant fiendly bacteria. There are necesary and not necessary supplements listed if one wants to lose weight. Good ways to lose weight!